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Mardirian's forms are light, oscillating between the figurative and the abstract. His curves are harmonious and continuous, his work taking form directly in matter, following a long maturation in his soul. Haunted by art and by the sensation of being able to animate matter, Mardirian captures in his work the life that he makes vibrate in the long and smooth bodies of his figures.

- Sabine Farra
La Revue Du Liban

Mardirian's work is inspired by the beauty of women. Woman, the life giver, protectorate, flowering At the same time Mardirian obviously sees trees and their wood as yet another life giver. They too are protectorate, flowering, food bearer. All kinds of them as all kinds of people. He is a fine sculptor and I am pleased to see that his works reflects life, movement and with that, or course, comes the sound of beautiful music.

- Lilliane Meyers
European Patent House

Varoujan Mardirian is a contemporary sculptor marked by his vision, his perception of forms, and his unique and artistic sensitivity. His sculptures, executed in the marvelous matter of wood, make you feel the tremors and the warmth of the human body. At the same time they make you think about the abundance of the human soul's light, so intrinsic to his fantastic figures which are half real and half imaginary.

- Varoujan Vartanian

Varoujan Mardirian certainly knows wood. He knows all about its softness or hardness, its grain or color. He knows how to carve it with impeccable and sensitive skill solely by hand, with chisel, rasp and sandpaper, without any mechanical tools at all. His rhythmic, graceful curves do invite touch. Female nudes, bordering on the abstract, rise into space in singing sweeps of movement. Bodies proud and audacious in expression, they promise durable visual pleasure.

- Helen Khal
The Daily Star

Varoujan Mardirian never uses a model. He always invents his subjects. Smoothing the volumes of the feminine body, pursuing an internal vision that he tries each day to capture, the forms, when they start to exist, possess a power that defies analysis. Their power resides in the most intimate human sentiments. In the silence announcing the bustle of an opening night, these self absorbed effigies respond to our elan. Hermetic, fascinating, erotic, molded with expert hands, light and shadow are interwoven on a work which is patient yet fierce.

- Sonia Nigolian
La Revue Du Liban

Le bois dans tous ses etats. Varoujan Mardirian dit avoir trouve sa voie dans la manipulation des outils sur le bois. Pour sculpter, il prefere cette matiere noble par excellence a la pierre, car elle est plus douce, plus versatile et definitivement plus vibrante. Des lignes courbes et un fini tres doux au toucher. Les mouvement, les formes sont faconnes de maniere a jouer avel le claire-obscur. Le'equilibre des volumes, des formes, le mouvement et les rythmes sont respectes.

- L'Orient Le Jour

Mardirian's sculptures are multifaceted. Each facet has many expressions which endow a given work with more than one meaning and dimension. The biggest portion of his work is a celebration of the feminine body, an attestation to the mystery of love, as well as an everlasting rebirth of the human being, while another portion represents silence and the legend of womanhood.

- May Mnassa

Mardirian excels in the mastery of wood sculpting techniques. The figures he creates express the myriad emotions and a vivid vitality dwelling in the artist's inner world. His main theme is the feminine body through which radiate joy and sadness, love and hate, happiness and suffering. Emotions that are restrained yet uniquely intertwined.

- Zartonk Daily

Mardirian a su donner un corps au bois a ce dont derivent nos fragiles corps de chair, supports de toutes nos pretentions et de toutes nos esperances. Toutes les palpitations, tous les soubresauts de la vie expressive font cette ondulation sonore qui recueille la lumiere a la surface de la forme pour la faire vibrer. Une musique est la Une femme danse l'eternel feminin, tant il est vrai que ses corps gracieux constituent une sources inepuisable d'inspiration.

- La Revue Du Liban

With an extraordinary empathy and love for wood, this sculptor has an innate awareness of his medium and its aesthetic modes of expression. Not only has he mastered its language, he also lives and feels through wood. That is why and how he has been able to transform wooden masses into lyrical poems.

- Movses Hergelian
Aztag Daily

The sculptures of Mardirian cannot be told about They speak for themselves. It is with personal sculptures, bodies of women imbued with multiple and varied expressions, with finesse and flowing lines that he has participated in many exhibitions.

- Magazine

Throughout his art this gifted sculptor remains a tireless artist, an exquisite Armenian. The fountain of his hopes is fueled by his roots. No need to despair. Despair is synonymous to death and defeat. Life is a struggle. We need to live, to create, to survive. Otherwise our history, our forefathers will never forgive us. These are the foundations of Mardirian's identity.

- Mher Babian


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